VW rolls out I.D. Space Vizzion concept

Making its debut at the Los Angeles auto show, the I.D. Space Vizzion is Volkswagen’sseventh fanciful electric-vehicle concept based on the modular electric vehicle platform it calls MEB.

The MEB architecture itself is very much not a concept. It is the foundation for some 27 EVs that the company has in the works, part of VW’s ambitious plan to sell a whopping three million EVs a year (that’s more than all EVs that will be sold globally in 2019). The first of these will launch in 2020. All will have a battery pack mounted low in the center of the vehicle (82.0 kWh in this case, with 150-kW DC fast-charging capability), with either a single rear motor or front and rear motors. This latest concept promises a 300-mile range rating in the U.S., generating 275 horsepower in rear-drive form or 335 horsepower with the addition of a front motor, the latter scooting to 60 mph in a claimed 5.0 seconds.