Tesla Supercharger network evolution

The Tesla Supercharger network is still one of the top reasons electric car buyers are convinced to buy a Tesla rather than another company’s electric car. The growth has been inspiring, from 6 to 13,344 Superchargers in 6 years.

The network was a critical competitive advantage identified years ago by CleanTechnica when surveying EV drivers and potential EV drivers.

We are finally seeing superfast/ultrafast charging stations rise up in non-Tesla charging networks, and hey, one day we’ll have a non-Tesla electric car on the market that can charge at 100 kW or more. But rolling out vast superfast/ultrafast charging stations takes time and a lot of money.

Tesla introducing V3 Supercharging

Faster Charging, No More Power Sharing. V3 is a completely new architecture for Supercharging. A new 1MW power cabinet with a similar design to our utility-scale products supports peak rates of up to 250kW per car. At this rate, a Model 3 Long Range operating at peak efficiency can recover up to 75 miles of charge in 5 minutes and charge at rates of up to 1,000 miles per hour. Combined with other improvements we’re announcing today, V3 Supercharging will ultimately cut the number of time customers spend charging by an average of 50%, as modeled on our fleet data.