Skolkovo Foundation cooperation with Electric Marathon

Charged with providing the catalyst for the diversification of the Russian economy, the Skolkovo Foundation’s overarching goal is to create a sustainable ecosystem of entrepreneurship and innovation, engendering a startup culture and encouraging venture capitalism. Electric Marathon has intermitted finish in Moscow, Skolkovo.

For Skolkovo it is important to be part of green technologies and cooperation between countries and also the smart ways of using our energy and logistics. For Skolkovo the Electric Marathon, and also Peace Rally, are both the way to connect Europe and Russia and its people.

What is Skolkovo?

On Sept. 28, 2010, then-President Dmitry Medvedev signed a law “On the Skolkovo Innovation Center,” giving rise to the project’s managing entity, the not-for-profit Skolkovo Foundation. The Skolkovo Foundation identified five key areas of potential growth: energy efficiency, strategic computer technologies, biomedicine, nuclear technologies, and space technologies.

Dozens of innovative projects developed by Skolkovo startups have found success in international markets, in particular, equipment for the dynamic modeling of oil and gas fields, next-generation screen displays and laser systems for soft-tissue surgery.

Moscow school of management

The Skolkovo Campus is a one-of-a-kind architectural work, based on the renowned Russian avant-garde artist Kazmir Malevich’s painting “Suprematism”. British architect David Adjaye and his team were selected to translate the concept into reality. Taking the Russian climate into account, Adjaye intentionally avoided the traditional college campus layout and created a virtually enclosed town, complete with classrooms, cafes, streets and squares—all inside of the Disk, the platform on which administrative and hotel units are based. The campus has been recognized as one of the most beautiful universities in the world. It contains a fusion of cultures and simultaneously reflects the futuristic nature of the school.

To achieve this the Foundation is overseeing the creation of the Skolkovo Innovation Center, composed of companies and startups, developing innovative technologies (currently numbering over 1,000), a Technopark, the Skolkovo Institute of Technology (Skoltech), a new graduate research university established in collaboration with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Skolkovo city, located near Moscow. Together these entities will establish a vibrant ecosystem of technology innovation and entrepreneurship. Thirty of the world’s most successful corporations, including Boeing, Cisco Systems, EADS, GE, Johnson & Johnson, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, Siemens, Nokia, Samsung, etc. have already recognized the opportunity Skolkovo presents, having signed R&D partnership agreements with the Foundation

In August 2013, the Skolkovo project was chosen for inclusion in the government’s “economic development and innovation economy” program, resulting in the allocation of 3.5 billion rubles for the development of Skolkovo through 2020.

Mr. Arkady Dvorkovich

Skokovo Foundation chairman Mr. Arkady Dvorkovich, about the Electric Marathon 2019 and Peace Rally.