Nikola Motors EV Power Sport Vehicles

The Nikola Motor Company blew the doors off their hinges when it announced that it would be launching not just a lineup of hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles, but a network of 700 gigantic hydrogen fueling stations to power them across the United States and Europe. With those big announcements, news that the company was also launching a line of power sport vehicles for civilian and military use understandably took a backseat. However, if you look at the markets these off-road vehicles appeal to, we can learn important things about Nikola’s overall strategy.

Off-Road Electric Vehicles

Nikola’s NZT is an electrified quad-motor beast that’s designed from the ground up as the ultimate manifestation of an electrified off-road vehicle. It packs an impressive 125 kWh battery pack that keeps it hugging the ground while at the same time force-feeding power to all four of the NZT’s independently controlled, torque optimized motors.

With up to 590 horsepower and a mind-numbing 775 foot-pounds of torque, the NZT seems bent on separating riders from their consciousness. Nikola said that the vehicle would be available in a few configurations, with up to 590 horsepower from its 4 electric motors. That translates to a 0-60 of 4.0 seconds, which would be a feat on the street, but is just plain hard to imagine in anything being taken offroad.

Nikola Powersports - Nikola All-Electric UTV NZT

The Nikola WAV

Nikola is also getting its feet wet with a new personal watercraft, dubbed the WAV. The WAV is still little more than a concept, but will clearly follow the styling cues of Nikola’s other vehicles. Futuristic lines, a sportbike riding stance, modern colors, bold LED lights, and a wood-look deck in the rear make the WAV a force to be reckoned with.

The initial concept of the WAV is lucrative and is sure to open up the minds of the masses to a new type of personal watercraft. Perhaps more importantly, it introduces them to electric vehicles. Having said that, the road ahead is fraught with challenges for Nikola, and bringing the WAV to market isn’t likely to be high on their list for quite some time. Let’s get those semi-trucks, fueling network, fueling stations, and maybe a few electric vehicles out the door first. When you’re ready, give me a call. I’ll bring the sunscreen.