Hummer EV reboot could be announced in Super Bowl LIV commercial

There are rumors about Hummer’s return to the automotive landscape for a few months now. Specifically, the rumors involve the big-and-bold SUV returning as an electric vehicle. Those rumors have taken a big leap forward today in a new report from The Wall Street Journal that says an EV Hummer is coming. Perhaps more importantly, the report says we’ll hear about it in just a few weeks during the Super Bowl.

WSJ cites unnamed sources as stating GM will have a Super Bowl ad campaign that includes NBA legend, LeBron James. We obviously don’t have any details on this arrangement, but with the average cost of a 30-second Super Bowl commercial running about $5 million-plus whatever cash might be involved with landing a superstar spokesperson like James – it would seem GM is very keen to make a big splash with its Hummer revival. That is if the rumors and this latest report are true.

The report also supports previous rumors that the resurrected brand will offer an EV pickup truck, but it suggests that for now at least, a truck will be the only Hummer offering and it will actually be part of GMC’s lineup. Early rumors from June 2019 indicated Hummer might offer a range of electric SUVs, sold alongside other GM vehicles through the automaker’s existing dealership network.

Manufacturing is said to take place at GM’s Detroit-Hamtramck facility, which will be retooled at the cost of $3 billion to produce electric trucks, vans, and batteries. That last bit is not a rumor – GM’s $3 billion investment into the Hamtramck plant for EV purposes as part of its new contract with the UAW, which was ratified last October.