10 countries in 11 days

Electric Marathon 2019 starts this year from Monte Carlo and we are dirving trough 10 countries: Monaco > France > Italy > San Marino > Croatia > Hungary > Slovakia > Poland > Belarus > Russia. Its altogether about 5000 km in 11 days.

Electric Marathon 2019 Rally Andrei Nagel Cup Electric Marathon Monte Carlo – Moscow – St. Petersburg.

10 countries: Monaco > France > Italy > San Marino > Croatia > Hungary > Slovakia > Poland > Belarus > Russia.

29 cities: Monte Carlo > Menton > Genova > Bologna > San Marino > Rimini > Ancona > Split > Smiljan > Zagreb > Nagykanizsa > Zalaegerszeg > Gödöllő > Miskolc > Кosice > Rzheshov > Lublin > Terespol > Brest > Mir > Minsk > Gomel > Vesselovka > Brjanks > Kaluga > Moscow > Tver > Novgorod > St. Petersburg.

5000 km in 11 days.

Marathon race of electric vehicles from Monte Carlo to St. Petersburg will take place from May 27th to June 06th on the European roads, following all the traffic rules. The intermediate distances are 100–350 km long. After each stage, there is a battery charging break for about three hours or 8-10 hours for overnight charging,

The competition part of the marathon means that the cars should get to finish within a defined period of time. At each stage of the marathon, 10 minutes before the general start of the participants, a so-called ZERO car, led by an experienced rally pilot, will start. The pilot will drive the stage aggressively, at the maximum speed allowed by the traffic rules.

The ZERO car, also know as Saftey Car, time is the control time for the participants, though they do not know this time. The earlier or late arrival of the participants to the finish will bring them penalty points. Winners will be defined for each stage. The winner is the team that has passed the whole route with the least deviation from the control time and with the least penalty points.

Racing teams consist of two people. This year there only one category of the competition – Open category containing mostly by Teslas.
The rally will start from the Chapiteau de Fontvieille Monaco on the next day after the Formula 1 Grand Prix motor race in Monte Carlo. The double finish of the rally is planned on June 4th in the Skolkovo Innovation Centre in Moscow and on June 6th on the Petersburg International Economy Forum opening day. In addition to Teslas, other electric vehicles are admitted – teams will compete for the Open category award.

First, six teams to register in this class will be able to live in the same location as the rest of the rally participants.

An unlimited number of electric vehicles of any kind may participate in each individual stage of the rally. Also, electric vehicles whose battery is not sufficient to run the whole stage (electric bikes, electric bicycles, etc.) may join the starting procedure at each stage – the very participation is the sign of support of the rally. The rally organizers do not guarantee the opportunity to charge the vehicles on the Open category teams and the participants of individual stages – these teams should rely on their own creativity, existing charging infrastructure and their own resources.

The aim of the rally organizers in addition to competition and education is to contribute to the electric vehicle charging stations network development along the route so that it would be easier to charge more vehicles at the stationary charging stations in the future.

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