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Welcome, and it’s nice that you have arrived at the registration page. You can complete the entry form both – online and in downloaded form. See you on the track.

The main rules & conditions

Electric Marathon is an intellectual rally for electric cars. It is not only about the speed, but the accuracy of the arrival time to the finish point. The so-called Zero Car is the first to go and it sets the etalon time. The winner is the participant whose time is closer to the etalon one. Concerning the fact that the participants will move on the public roads of Europe, they have to stick to all the traffic rules.

ELECTRIC MARATHON 2018 programme
Talsinki – Monte Carlo 17th Sept – 29th Sept

May, 01, 2018     Publication of Supplementary Regulations

May, 15, 2018     Entries open

September, 10, 2018     Entries close (end of reception date for complete and paid entries)

September, 15, 2018     Publication of starting numbers

Arrival of participants for administration & technical checks, briefing: 15/16 September 2018

Accommodationin Tallinn:

Radisson Blu Hotel Olümpia    Liivalaia 33, 10118 Tallinn Estonia

Start of the event in Helsinki: 17th September 2018 (12h00)

Entry procedure & fees

The amount of the entry fee compete in full distance is fixed for each crew comprising two people (driver and co-driver): 300 €

Entry fees includes:

1.     Administrative costs

2.     Official T-shirt and baseball cap of the Event

3.     Road book

4.     Russian tourist visa

5.     GPS tracking system

6.     24/7 support during the Event

7.     Entry tickets to the concert in Peenemünde

8.     Invitation to finish ceremony in Monte Carlo

All the other that are not included in the Entry Fees must be paid by the participants. All highway fees during route are to be paid by participants.

Please contact the organizer for clarifying the method of payment of entry fees

Full Marathon – 1500 € (accommodation)

The entry fees will be refunded in full only:

– if the entry is not accepted
– if the event is cancelled




Registration form 2018

Any person, or legal entity, wishing to participate to the event must fill in entry form at the official website of the event. An entry application will be accepted only if accompanied by the total entry fees. The submission of the entry form will constitute the proof that the entrant and the crew members have agreed to respect all the regulations applicable to the event.

Download form >

  • Team & Drivers
  • Car Details
  • Agreements

Team Details

Team Name



First Name

Last Name

Date of Birth (dd-mm-yyy)



Postal Code

Phone Number



First Name

Last Name

Date of Birth (dd-mm-yyyy)



Postal Address




Car brand

Year Made

Country of Registration

Predominant Color

Battery Capacity

Maximum Range

Charging Plug Standard


Declaration of indemnity

I accept without reserve the terms of the Electric Marathon 2015 I understand that I should take out any insurance that I consider appropriate covering my own personal injuries and property damage. I hereby agree to indemnify and hold harmless the organizers, its representatives and staff for any liability in respect of personal injury, property and other damage suffered by me, arising out of the competition and which would not be covered by the insurance taken out by the organizers for the Electric Marathon 2015. Organizer retains the right to decline a participant in registration without an explanation and disqualify participant for rules violation.

Acknowledgement and agreement

Marathon through pictures

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