Lviv – Monte Carlo 22nd May – 3rd June

Publication of Regulations at the website : 04 March 2016
Opening date for entries, online registration at the website: 04 March 2016
Closing dates date for entries:  April 2016
Confirmation of selected cars:  April 2016
Arrival of participants for administration & technical checks, brifieng: 20/21 May 2016
Start of the event: 22nd May 2016 (12h00)

Electric Marathon is annually rally of electric vehicles.
The purpose of the Electric Marathon is to promote of innovative technology vehicles designed to conserve energy and emit the smallest possible quantities of pollutants and CO2. It is also aimed at encouraging drivers to change their driving habits, giving priority to the protection of the environment and to the sustainability of the transport sector through the use of alternative fuels and electricity as their vehicle’s propelling energy sources.
The main field of competition, is the evaluation of the competitors’ capability to respect accurately the time schedule of the whole event, as planned by the organizers. This is expressed in the form of consecutive “ideal times” for the movement of the vehicles from one time control point to the next. The secondary field of competition is the evaluation of the competitors’ capability to drive the whole itinerary using their best eco-driving techniques and trying to consume the smallest possible quantity of energy. It is also a forum for manufactures to test and show their new techniques for a lower consumption of energy.
It is important to highlight the fact that Electric Marathon is not “speed” competition and that consequently there is no need for any specific safety equipment for the participating vehicles and their crews. All Electric, Plug-in Hybrid and Alternative Fuel vehicles officially registered to drive on the public roads are considered to be eligible to participate.

Organizer data:
Electric Marathon International
Organizing committee:
President: Juri Tamm
Vice-president: Andriy Bilyy
Clerk of the Course: Kulvar Mänd

3.1. The name: “Electric Marathon 2016 Lviv – Monte Carlo” is the “Correct Title” of the event.
3.2 Entrants and other interested parties should use the “Correct Title” in all correspondence and references to this event.

All Electric, Plug in Hybrid and Alternative Fuel vehicles officially registered to drive on the public roads are considered to be eligible to participate.
1. Open Category
2. Electrically powered series production vehicles
3. Electrically powered converted, modified or prototype
4. Plug in Hybrid car

5. Electric Motorcycle
If the vehicle has not enough range (less than 200 km), participation is still possible, but the team must sometimes find their own charging.
The competitor is responsible for the technical conformity of his car throughout the rally.
The detailed layout of the event, the exact distances from city to city and addresses of the start/finish locations will be clearly indicated in the Road Book of the event. Which will be delivered to the participant during administrative check 20 or 21st May.
The Marathon is taking place within the regular road traffic. The national traffic regulations have to be respected.
The amount of the entry fee is fixed for each crew comprising two people (driver and co-driver): 2.800€
Entry fees includes :

  • Free accommodation from 21st May until 4th June. (Twin room with breakfast for each team will be provided)
  • Invitation to the Official Dinner in Lviv before the start of the Event.
  • Administrative costs
  • Free charging at locations offered by Organizer
  • Official T-shirt and baseball cap of the Event
  • Road book
  • GPS tracking system
  • 24/7 support during the Event
  • Entry tickets to the Museums.

All the other that are not included in the Entry Fees must be paid by the participants. All highway fees during route are to be paid by participants.
Please contact the organizer for clarifying the method of payment of entry fees:,
5.2. The entry fees will be refunded in full ONLY:
– If the entry is not accepted.
– If the event is cancelled.
5.3. Crew documents:
A crew comprises one driver and one co-driver, or one driver and one navigator. Both must be a holder of the following documents:
– Driving license according to the entered vehicles
– International insurance
– Valid Schengen Visa.
Any person, or legal entity, wishing to participate to the event must fill in entry form at the official website of the event
An entry application will be accepted only if accompanied by the total entry fees.
The submission of the entry form will constitute the proof that the entrant and the crew members have agreed to respect all the regulations applicable to the event.
The Organizers will inform the applicants of the acceptance, or not, of their entry applications by e-mail at the latest 5 days after receipt of the completed and financially settled application.
The Organizers reserve the right or reject any entry application at their discretion.
The field for participation in full distance of Electric Marathon 2016 Lviv – Monte Carlo is limited to a total of 12 entries. All entry forms received after the above number of vehicles has been accepted will be entered on a waiting list.
During the administrative checks, the Organising Committee will provide each crew with two rally plates and the Competition numbers, which must be displayed on the vehicles as illustrated in Appendix.
Participants will be allocated their participation numbers during the administrative check and these should remain intact and clearly visible during the whole event. The side door signs bearing the competition number will also contain the name of the Event and the logos of organizers and sponsors.

6. Advertising Promotion and Publicity:на сайт для правил

Any participant who is supported by a commercial firm, the trademarks of which will be displayed on his vehicle or on the crew clothing, is obliged to declare this to the organizer, asking for his approval at the time the entry form is submitted. The only reason for this is the avoidance of any advertising of products or services that are not in line with the aims of the event.

6.1 Event’s publicity:
All participants, by entering the event, authorize the organizers to make free use of their names and of names of their team members and of their vehicles’ data into event reports and press releases. They also declare their consent in respect of any publicity material that may be issued by the organizers and to which reference of their names and of their vehicles data will be made.

The choice of the route to reach the finish destination of the each stage of the route is within the responsibility of the team.
The teams have to be present at all Electric Marathon public events and meetings. The schedule of public events and meetings, all necessary information for the participants will be mentioned in the Road Book.