Prince Albert II of Monaco about environmentally friendly future

Albert_II_Prince_of_Monaco_Senate_of_Poland_02On the eve of the 21st UN Conference on Climate Change His Serene Highness Prince Albert II of Monaco has shared his ideas and plans concerning the climate problem.

According to the Prince, humanity is going through a very important period in its history. “Now we had the last opportunity to take the necessary steps and build the right way forward. It is necessary to adhere to the efficient, but realistic goals. All the experts as one argue that this is the last chance to correct the problem of ecology. It is necessary to take this chance while the nature itself has not taken up this challenge”, – says Albert II.

In 2005, the ruler of Monaco managed to draw public attention to the problem of global warming. Prince Albert II of Monaco has reached the North Pole. “I would like to pay tribute to my great-grandfather Albert I, – recognized the sovereign of Monaco – in the stories that he had left, he felt a desire to open expanses of the North Pole. We managed what he, unfortunately, did not succeed in. Albert I went on a trip with the aim to get to know uncharted territory. My goal is to show alarming changes occurring in the ice sheets of the North “. Fascinated by the uniqueness of these places, the Prince took a photo of the glacier, which is at the beginning of the 20th century attracted the attention of Albert I. Comparing to the photos taken 100 years ago, it one can see that during this period the glacier has decreased by 6 km.

After the failure of the  Climate Summit in Copenhagen 2009, according to Albert II: «The government of the major developed countries, such as China or the United States are aware of the criticality of the environmental situation and understand the need for action. Compared to 2009, their appeals have become more assertive and motivating. ” All countries are aware of the scale of the ecological disaster and the need to join efforts in the fight for a cleaner future. However, according to the Prince, “Many of them are not ready to review the sectors of the economy, and even more, to sacrifice them in order to protect the environment. Of course, many are more concerned about the problem of unemployment and yet do not realize that the development of renewable energy resources and the development of new environmental technologies can be a source of jobs. Despite the fact that now the benefits of the new economy can be traced not so clearly, you must have the courage to go on this path of development. ”