Electric Marathon reached world’s greenest city

IMG_4261The participants of Electric Marathon 2016 reached Freuburg, Germany’s “green capital”. This city was put on the Marathon’s route on purpose: it’s no secret that Freiburg is at the foreground of environmentally friendly technologies in Germany and Europe. Here they have the widest application of solar energy – new buildings are planned in such a way that the numerous solar panels have the maximum light. Therefore in summer time the sun provides almost 100% of city’s electricity. However, in winter time extra energy is provided by the electric factory using wooden trash. Here they also use the system of recirculation and the use of rain water. Freiburg is also known as the city of bicycles – it has more than 500 kilometres of bicycle roads. All these achievements allowed London experts of Guardian to name Freiburg as the “greenest city in the world”.

IMG_4256Freiburg is the last German city on the route of the Electric Marathon. The crews will further move to Switzerland. Overall the eastern-European stage of the rally covered over 1000 kilometres, while from Lviv the participants drove almost 2000 kilometres. At this stage the Marathon was joined by other electric cars and plug-in hybrids of various brands and models. For instance, at the stage Baden-Baden – Freiburg the rally was joined by the German crew EDELWEISS B-B with hybrid Audi A3 E-Tron. By the way, at this stage the crew finished second. This stage leader was the Estonian crew SÄRTSUAUTO with Tesla Model S. Third and fourth places were taken by Czech crew GREEN VICTORY and the Swedish crew of Mikael Nordanaker – both with Tesla Model S. Ukrainian crew BURISMA with Chevrolet Volt finished fifth. 
The most unusual and extraordinary vehicle participating at the Marathon remains the prototype of the first Ukrainian electric car Synchronous.