Electric Marathon 2016 will start from Lviv

LvivDSC_4788 was selected as a starting point of the 5th Electric Marathon. The start ceremony will be organized on the 22nd of May 2016. Electric cars will finish on the 3rd of  June  in Monaco.

On the 1st of  February the Electric Marathon Lviv – Monte Carlo 2016 was announced at the press conference in Lviv City Council.

The participants of press conference: Jüri Tamm, the Honorary Consul of Monaco in Estonia, President of Electric Marathon; Andriy Bilyy, vice president of Electric Marathon, CEO of Electric Marathon International; Andriy Sadovy, mayor of Lviv; Andriy Moskalenko, deputy mayor of  Lviv.

Currently, Lviv is actively preparing to host the unique “green” race.

“Energy efficiency is highly appreciated in the world. One hundred years ago the world was fond of internal combustion engines, and today the world understands that the future belongs to electric cars”,- said the mayor of Lviv.

Vice president of Electric Marathon Andriy Bilyy: “In Ukraine the culture of using electric vehicles is just beginning to develop, but we have a good chance to become “e-mobile” country, as interest in environmentally friendly transport is growing very rapidly here”.

According to the Organizing Committee, the 5th Anniversary Marathon starts from the western capital not accidentally.  Lviv and Monte Carlo have historical connection. Only in these cities in circular races were organized in the 30-ies of  the XX century.

DSC_4799“We talked with the mayor of Lviv last year to organize start from this city. And it happened. Monte Carlo and Lviv have a historical connection and have the same vision. Lviv is actively developing the infrastructure. Environmental protection is very important issue for Lviv. These priorities coincide with values, ​​that HSH  Prince of Monaco Albert II and his small country promotes. This race will be the anniversary, the fifth. I promise that it will be interesting”,- said Juri Tamm.