Bucha prepares to meet Electric Marathon


On May 22 the Honorary Consul of Monaco Juri Tamm and the Mayor of Bucha Anatoly Fedoruk signed Memorandum of cooperation. Bucha will be the first city where  the finish of  rally “Kyiv – Monte Carlo” take place. Then Electric Marathon will go to Rivne and Lviv.

“The goal of our race is to show that you can drive without noise, without smoke, with low energy consumption. Remember also that innovation – is not only purchasing something new, but also recycling old in a new way. So today we are showing two cars – converted the old “Trabant”, which is 40 years  old and the world’s best electric «Tesla Model S», the American production. And most importantly – in the evening on June 3 Bucha will be the center of  Ukraine”, – said Juri Tamm.