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About Electric Marathon

The purpose of the Electric Marathon is to promote and raise awareness of environmentally friendly vehicles, to develop cooperation between Universities and to attract youth and regular citizens in different regions in Europe.

Electric Marathon is an intellectual rally. It is not about the speed, but the accuracy of the arrival time to the finish point. The so-called zero car is the first to go and it sets the etalon time. The winner is the participant whose time is closer to the etalon one. Concerning the fact that the participants will move on the public roads of Europe, they have to stick to all the traffic rules.

Electric Marathon is the revival of the important historic event – Rally Tallinn-Monte Carlo that was held between 1930 and 1939. After several years this beautiful and exciting rally tradition, unfortunately, had to stop.

In 2011 the historic tradition of the European rally was revived but in the modern interpretation – now the competitors are driving electric cars only. The start to the first modern rally named Electric Marathon was given by His Serene Highness Prince of Monaco Albert II during his official visit to Tallinn. Now the marathon is a regular event, almost every year the start city and the route are changed, but the finish point remains the same – the main square of Monte Carlo.

While Prince Albert II is the patron of the rally, the revived event is organized by the President of Non-Profit-Organisation Electric Marathon Juri Tamm, the Honorary Consul of the Principality of Monaco in Estonia.


Electric Marathon aims at demonstrating the consistency of tradition and building cooperation between countries, regions and cities. The most important missions of Electric Rally are to promote modern technologies and environmentally friendly solutions, recall the need of energy saving, and initiate the construction of charging stations network, building new future of our planet.

This race, addressed to the curiosity of the public, will increase the trustworthiness of electric cars and speed up their using in everyday life. The Marathon calls to the need of energy saving and initiate the construction of charging stations network across Europe.

Who are the patron and the partners of cooperation of Electric Marathon?

The patron of Electric Marathon is H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco. The partners of the Marathon are the authorities of the cities chosen for the places of start and finish. Supporters and sponsors are companies with a mission for a Better Future from different economic sectors.

Does Electric Marathon include traffic restrictions during the race?

The race will be held under ordinary traffic conditions, following traffic rules with vehicles permitted for traffic on public roads.

Is it a race solely for electric vehicles?

Yes, only electric powered vehicles can participate in Electric Marathon. But Organizing Committee expects other vehicles using alternative energies to compete outside the main starting list and contest for special awards.

Why the number of participants (STUDENT TEAMS) for the whole route is limited to 6?

For the non-stationary charging station, it is reasonable and safe to use the electric power of 380V 63A. This allows to fast charge no more than the batteries of 6 cars.

How can you take part in Electric Marathon competition?

The registration for the whole route will run on till September 1st. Besides, everyone may also take part in every single leg between cities, where the participants will be a part of the official protocol of the competition.

Who is declared a winner?

The winner is determined not by the speed, but by accuracy of the time of arrival to the finish: The test time is designated by the zero-car. Finishing earlier or later will bring penalty points.

What are the prizes and where will the award ceremonies take place?

The main prize of Electric Marathon is a bronze sculpture – a trophy that symbolizes a car, reaching new heights with the help of electricity.

How is the charging of car batteries organized and how much will it cost?

Charging of the race cars is organized with the help of mobile Distribution Trailers. The organizers of Electric Marathon guarantee the possibility of charging for the race cars competing the whole route. All other competitors must arrive to the start with charged batteries and find their own possibilities for the re-charging. All cars, regardless of their battery capacity or their technical power are allowed to start.

Will there be any more events besides the charging in the cities where Electric Marathon makes a stop?

The organizers of Electric Marathon do hope that the cities chosen to be on the marathon’s route will be able to offer exciting experiences demonstrating local culture, accomplishments of science, new solutions in energy saving and green energy, demonstrating vehicles, mechanisms or systems powered by electricity.

Will there be special prizes for the press and photographers covering Electric Marathon news?

The organizers of Electric Marathon are planning to set a special prize for the media publication and photographer who has done the biggest media coverage of the event.

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