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Monte Carlo – Moscow – Sankt-Petersburg 27.05. – 06.06.2019

Historical backround and introduction!

It is easy to forget that just a century ago, many of the sports we take for granted did not exist, and those that did would be barely recognisable to the modern sports audience. With that evolution came an increase in the influence of sports. For example, automotive sport has affected modern popular culture over the last hundred years and has often reflected the changing social attitudes towards, for example, road safety standards and diminishing the carbon footprint of traffic. Nowadays, many events are contest-oriented and sport is also a part of our daily lives. Sports such as orienteering on roads combine navigation with a specific method of travelling.

At the beginning of the twentieth century, Andrei Nagel, a courageous Russian race car driver and journalist, participated in different rally competitions. In 1911, he beat 87 competitors and finished first in his Russo-Balt car in the Saint Petersburg–Monaco rally, having driven the distance of 3,257 kilometres in 195 hours and 23 minutes. For his victory, Nagel received a state prize from Emperor Nicholas II.

Even today, many of us are merely trying to do what Andrei Nagel successfully achieved before the revolution.

To restore the historical bridge with the past, promote the achievements of the modern automotive industry and future-oriented technological solutions, build political will and trust for advancing global action and development cooperation, the 2019 marathon-race for electric vehicles passes through Europe, starting from Monte Carlo and finishing in Moscow.

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