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Keio University Automobile Club represents Japan

Keio University is a school with 160 years tradition, which is the oldest private school in Japan. Today more than 40 clubs belong to the school as the official representation for each sport.

The Keio Automobile Club is the member of these who participates in motor sport competitions. Last season, we won the first place in Eco Drive Championship held by All Japan Student Automobile Association. The team feel honored to be able to participate in this Electric Marathon. We are very confident in the competition and would like to make use of our skills for eco driving. We believe that, to be strict in time is one of the most important principle within motor sports. As the representative of Japan, we will do our best and aware of safety as well.

We would also like to introduce two team members:

Yuri Kondo (28th August, 1996)
“It is great honor to participate in this wonderful event. With the team members, I will do my best.”

Keio University Automobile Club








Koki Takahashi (15th May, 1996)
“I look forward to driving NISSAN Leaf. Of course, I am aware of eco-driving.”

Keio University Automobile Club

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