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Energy Security for the Future 2018

June 1, 8:30-18:00 | Monte Carlo, Monaco. An international high-level energy event dedicated to advancing clean, secure, sustainable, and reliable energy sources held annually in Monte Carlo, Monaco.

Energy Security for the Future (ESF) is the leading international forum where  energy independence for Europe and Ukraine’s place in the European system of collective security are discussed. The goal of ESF is to unite statesmen, politicians, leading experts, and businessmen and journalists and civil society leaders around the idea of energy security, renewable energy sources and efficient energy technologies aimed at contributing to the development of new European policies in the energy security system.

For three years, the ESF has initiated a dialogue between opinion leaders from Ukraine, the EU, and the U.S. on the future of our countries, becoming the preeminent institution for  ‘‘green diplomacy’’ on the European continent.

ESF was founded in January 2016 by the president of the Burisma Group, Nikolay Zlochevskyi,   Foundation of Prince Albert II of Monaco   and   Foundation of the former President of Poland Alexander Kwasniewski (1995-2005) Amicus Europae.

They  invited European leaders and parliamentarians to gather together to discuss Europe’s energy strategy. The venue for the first Forum was chosen to be the Principality of Monaco, a country that has always been associated with environmental innovation, vision, and leadership and which has since become the birthplace of a new global movement to replace traditional energy with renewable sources.

The first of what would become an annual forum called ‘‘Energy Security for the Future: new sources, responsibility, sustainability’’ was held June 2, 2016 at the Yacht Club de Monaco in Monte Carlo, Monaco, drawing more than 150 participants from across Europe. Among them were presidents, parliamentarians, and European commissioners.

In 2017, the British professional team Adam Smith Conferences became official partners of the Forum, transforming event into a truly global conference.

The topic of the 2017 Forum was chosen as ‘‘Energy Security for the Future: new vision, strategy, innovation’’ and the format’s international status was strengthened by the participation of new countries, including China and the United States, which sent official government delegations. More than 250 people took part in the work of the second Forum.

In 2018, the topic of the Forum was chosen as ‘‘Energy Security for the Future: revolutionary thinking.’’ The event will retain its strong international status, with the number of official delegations and participants increasing to over 400 attendees.

With each passing year, more people and organizations choose to partner and participate in the Forum and we are proud to continue to serve as the convener of this important platform to discuss the future of energy security.

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