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Tallsinki – Monte Carlo 2018

Marathon race from Tallsinki (capitals of Finland and Estonia) to Monte Carlo will be held in accordance with traffic code and is for electric vehicles approved and registered according to the community rules, authorized to run on public roads.

The distance of single legs will vary between 90 to 170 km.  A break of 3 hours is foreseen to charge batteries between different legs or 8-10 hours if the charging takes place at night at the accomodation site.

The competition in this Marathon consists of BEING ON TIME at the Time Control points.  Penalty points will be given in case of arriving early or late at the Time Control. The team who has accumulated the least penalty points will win the rally.

The teams will consist of two members – changes in the team are allowed during the race. Competitions will took place in two categories – between teams of different universities who will use a Nissan Leaf EV and between private teams who can use all models of EV.

A maximum of 7 university teams will be admitted to participate in the marathon from start to finish. This is because of the availability of recharging capacities throughout the race. University  team cars will be recharged using mobile charging stations. Private teams have to find own charging options and use Public EV Charging Stations.

Teams who are not interested in participating in the whole event or who use cars that cannot race long distances due to technical limitations can attend start ceremony or/and participate in single stages. Abovementioned teams are not guaranteed the capacities to recharge their vehicles and thus must rely on their own resources.

The top 3 of every stage will be awarded. Also all teams who participated in full distance.

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