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The PwC Public Service Research Center has conducted an international study on the future of governments, which concluded there are several new “must have” capabilities, characteristics and behaviours public bodies of tomorrow must have, such as partnering, co-venturing, co-creation and co-design, together with agility, innovation, connectedness and transparency.

You are asking: “And so what?” Our answer is: “Knowledge is power, knowledge is fun – and it can help send problems away for good”. Yes, there are many traditional and untraditional methods how to receive the abovementioned goals, how to become modern, smart and clean, but it is a rule that up to producing something new, up to implementing something new, it is extremely important to promote and introduce all new and practical for people. Only using intensive trainings Homo sapiens becomes a “wise man”. Electric Marathon race is a good example and opportunity how to promote new technologies, how to educate citizens incl. young generation, how to connect with public institutions and private sector, how to bring under the same umbrella different countries, regions, organizations and institutions of higher education and research, communities of teachers and scholars. Exploration is the engine that drives innovation. Innovation drives economic growth. So let’s all go exploring. I want to keep learning, keep exploring, keep doing more.

What about you?

J. Tamm
Founder of Electric Marathon

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